Abdul Rafeek

Riding the tough roller coaster, preventing burnout, building a network around people who are working in our domain, and staying focused. Good team player and has the ability to take the team to the desired destination. Ready to sacrifice for the company and for a healthy team. Foreseeing the future with all daydream makes the difference. Has the thought that no time is to be wasted.

Maya K K

She believes in “Work Hard and Work Smart, continuously improving every aspect of life”. Completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and is an Oracle Certified Java Professional. After completing a transformational internship focussing on “Technology and Social Entrepreneurship” at LXI Technologies P Ltd, along with a year of work experience in software development based on Multi-tier cloud and container-based multi-platform apps, she joined the co-founding team.

Karthikeyan P.K

Always to be an entrepreneur was more comfortable ie, to create an opportunity or to script the future. Easy to take initiatives and represent the team. Have a clear idea on how to manage the operational things. Readily available at any situations for the team. Spend time to motivate or coordinate the members. Strong opinions as per the knowledge at the required moments.