BYTA TECH  is social entrepreneurship co-founded by a group of college-mates, colleagues and friends who strongly believe in paving their own path and scripting the destiny. During our internship together in a software company, we realized our passion for technology and our drive to script the future. After intensive brainstorming sessions, trying to figure out how to combine our passion with our drive, we came up with BYTA TECH.

During August 2016, we found our true calling. We began working on an idea, which could be delivered as a software service. A Service which has the potential to transform the “fortune at the bottom of the pyramid”. A Digital healthcare platform which can be provided for free to the poor and needy, a premium version to the rich. A Digital healthcare platform which can be used by a single doctor clinic, and has the potential to incrementally scale to multi-speciality hospitals. A Digital healthcare platform which can provide an ecosystem for open source developers.

To address the technical risks involved in building the product, we started building our expertise and all of us, team members, got Internationally Certified as a Java Professional. We worked hard on finalizing an Architectural prototype and were successful in finalizing one. We studied the open source market and found out that there is a big demand for the service we are developing – close to 300 downloads per day – Big Business. The whole of last year a team of 6 co-founders had worked hard and smart. Unfortunately, only 3 of us, had the Grit, ability to survive financial turmoils, continuously improving ourselves and our organization, riding the tough roller coaster, preventing burnout, building a network around people who are working in our domain, and staying focused.  Building a product targeting a global audience is not a small task. Last one year, our efforts have convinced us that with hard and smart work we will be able to succeed. The solution we are building leveraging the mobile and IoT platforms, cloud, container-based applications, Service Oriented Architecture, Microservices and Artificial Intelligence has the potential to disrupt the market, and launch into a Global Brand.