Brief Description on Ayoos


  • Healthcare platform which is an “Integrated Patient-Treatment-History Exchange and Store”, where all the patients:  from those who belong to the bottom of the pyramid who cannot afford to pay for the services, up to the rich patients who want Premium health care at their fingertips 24 x 7, can securely STORE AND EXCHANGE their digital treatment history, they underwent from various Doctors, Clinics, Hospitals and Super Speciality Hospitals.

  • Healthcare platform which provides a playground for other Third-Party Apps, Products and Services to co-exist and interplay.

  • Open Healthcare ecosystem where users, software service developers, software service providers can collaborate and prosper seamlessly by identifying and building new apps, services or products on top of our platform through our Integration Services.

  • Healthcare platform which can scale-as-you-go from a Single Doctor Practice to a Clinic, Hospital, Super Speciality Hospital, chain Super Speciality Hospital Group.